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Alexander European Right Takes a Hit in Austria
  • Rafael Silberstein was accused in Austria of having used methods of in support of the in the 2017 election.
Mario Song: Dumm gelaufen auf Ibiza
  • Robby Gudenus added in Russian that nobody knew of the association's existence.
  • Wallace He spoke of a friend who had bought a diamond mine in Africa and of a businessman in Tel Aviv who, he claimed, stored diamonds worth 400 million euros in his heavily secured office.
Maria Ibiza scandal: why has Austria's government collapsed?
  • RossIn Ibiza, as the two talked merrily about million-euro deals, they seemed like drinking buddies on vacation. It is much too early to predict the outcome of the snap election on September 29th—but one can draw some initial conclusions.
Hal Austria chancellor calls for snap election after corruption scandal
  • Leonard Strache said that it was headed up by three lawyers.
  • Jessie Népszabadság and other newspapers that were critical of the government were bought and were either discontinued overnight or sold on to people with friendly views of Orbán.
Lowell Song: Dumm gelaufen auf Ibiza
  • Romeo All of which makes the video of his comments in Ibiza even more shocking. Concerns that Moscow may have access to Austrian intelligence has led Western intelligence agencies to limit what they share with Vienna.
  • Demetrius It was published by German media on Friday, but it is not known who recorded it.
Daryl Strache, sein Leibwächter und die Hintermänner von Ibiza
  • Brett The AfD was related to the spirit.
  • Grant Gradually, though, his doubts seemed to disappear and his appetite for a deal that could potentially bring him closer to the Chancellery won out. The promises made that evening and the practices they revealed could potentially be criminal for someone in political office.
Gil Austria's 'Ibiza scandal': what happened and why does it matter?
  • Scott Strache said he also knew the right man to help plot a new direction for the tabloid: Heinrich Pecina.
  • Mitchell Neither is it clear who set up the meeting, which allegedly took place at a villa on the Spanish island of Ibiza in July 2017.
Ronnie Die geheimen Strache
  • Billy Austria's rules pertaining to political donations are similar to the ones on the books in Germany: If a contribution is in excess of 50,000 euros, it must be reported to the Court of Audit.
  • Rickey Johann Gudenus stated in a later interview that the person who made the first contact to the potential niece of a Russian oligarch, and who was also present at the first meeting on 24 March 2017, was an attorney from. The move came after Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache resigned after secret footage emerged showing him talking to an alleged Russian investor.
Anderson Austria prepares for fresh elections after Ibiza video scandal
  • Mathew The group mingling on the terrace on the evening of July 24, 2017, drinking champagne, eating tuna tartare and sushi, was discussing delicate topics: How could they make sure that a Russian investor was awarded contracts from Austrian businesses and the government? Many questions remain unanswered, apart from the search for the producers of the Ibiza video.
  • Andrew After much criticism by his party, the Catholic Church, the opposition and so forth, Kurz that he had been taken by surprise.
Caleb How a video of Austria’s Strache brought down the government
  • Sandra The revelations come amid high tensions within Austria's coalition government. At the press conference, Strache portrayed the recording of the video as an illegal and immoral act by the press and announced that he would take any legal action possible against the organizers, recorders and publishers of the video.
Desmond Song: Dumm gelaufen auf Ibiza
  • Hilario Neither did he, Juncker, trigger the crisis within the Austrian government, nor would it be his job to fix it. Media reports emerged on Friday alleging that Strache promised public contracts in return for campaign help from a fake Russian backer.
Jaime Ibiza scandal: why has Austria's government collapsed?
  • Brian If the model that Strache described actually exists, it would be a clear-cut case of illegal party financing. His mother, a pharmacist, raised him alone and through a violent student association, he came in contact with right-wing extremists.
  • Ray The song was chanted by the people who came to in front of the in Vienna after Strache resigned on 18 May.