Super bio markt. A look at Germany’s top organic retailers

Albert A look at Germany’s top organic retailers
  • Orville Depending on the size of each unit, Super Bio Markt stores sell around 7,000 sku of certified organic products, including dried and fresh foods, fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy, and cheese as well as organic cosmetics and household products. There are 32 Basic stores in 16 cities and towns across Germany.
  • Caleb The retailer's label range is also distributed by conventional supermarket chain Edeka. Since the company promotes local businesses defined as operations or farms within 150 km of the store's location , the brand selection differs considerably in individual stores.
Cornelius SuperBioMarkt
  • Donnie The second main business activity is retail.
  • Marc In other product categories, the regional percentage is even higher: Around 75% of meat, sausages, bread and baked goods and almost 100% of the cheese and dairy portfolio is produced regionally or locally.
Sylvester SuperBioMarkt AG
  • Anderson Over the last few years, Alnatura has expanded sharply in Germany. The retail space of the supermarkets varies from 500-1100 sqm.
Willis SuperBioMarkt AG
  • Gary The core brand is, of course, Alnatura's label brand but the stores also retail other German and international organic brands and products.
  • Chris Today the company operates 26 outlets in the counties of North-Rhine Westphalia and Lower Saxony. In 1975 Dennree launched its first organic own label food brand, dennree.
Willard SuperBioMarkt
  • Brenda The company also expanded its international distribution: the Rewe group's Austrian drugstore chain Bipa began selling a partial Alnatura selection in Austria last year while in Switzerland, Alnatura started distribution in domestic retail giant Migros' supermarkets. The company also opened several Alnatura Super NaturMarkt stores in the Zürich region and is planning on expanding its store network throughout German Switzerland.
Sydney A look at Germany’s top organic retailers
  • Waldo In 2012, the company began to explore the beauty salon market: Super Bio Markt cooperates with two organic beauty salons in Münster and Düsseldorf.
Ernie A look at Germany’s top organic retailers
  • Lenard In 1993, the first Bio Super Markt store opened. The company also owns organic meat and sausage manufacturer Bio ManufakturHavelland which has become the biggest producer of organic meat and sausage products in the entire region.
Cleo SuperBioMarkt AG
  • Ernesto In 2003, Dennree opened its first denn'sBiomarkt in Bavaria. In 2016, the Basic group generated a turnover of around 142 million Euro.
  • Margarito And indeed, Bio Company is known for its high percentage of regional products.
Mariano SuperBioMarkt AG
  • Jaime Als eine der ersten Bioland Imkereien in Deutschland. Bio to Go is attached to the Super Bio Markt and offers fresh smoothies, salads, and desserts.
Warren SuperBioMarkt
  • Forest By 2010, Alnatura had 59 domestic stores.