Synonyme werden. The German verb 'werden' explained

Francisco Werden
  • Linda Conjugation of verb werden The is irregular. For a better understanding, countless are available.
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Arnulfo 7 Distinct Uses of the German Verb Werden You've Got to Master
  • Ron Der Begriff Antonymie hingegen bezeichnet die generelle Gegensätzlichkeiten von zwei oder mehreren Bedeutungen, die entweder als Wörter, Wortgruppen und ganzen Sätze auftreten können.
Christina 7 Distinct Uses of the German Verb Werden You've Got to Master
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Fredrick wissen
  • Rob And Speaking of Practice… When it comes to learning verb usage or any other kind of German grammar, the key to getting it down pat is going beyond rote memorization and seeing it used in real-life situations. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in.
  • Elmer For example: Der Song wurde von den Beatles gesungen.
Erin Conjugation werden (become, get ...)
  • Roy Everything will have been put in order by Monday.
  • Morgan If you want to talk about something that became something else in the simple past which is often used in literary forms or history books , use the Präteritum forms above. Modals in the Passive Voice: As is English, a is normally the finite verb in the passive: Etwas muss getan werden.
Steven Conjugation werden (become, get ...)
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Fernando The German verb 'werden' explained
  • Gerard That's not allowed to be said publicly. I would gladly bring you with me, if you had time.
Jessica werden
  • Elvis Es wird bei uns zu Hause viel gelacht.
Dalton The auxiliary verb 'werden' in German
  • Orville We aren't being totally understood. The flection is in Active and the use as Main.
  • Burt This form of command is stricter and more official than an Imperativ command.