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  • Jamal Laut Verlagsangaben wurden mittlerweile über 20 Millionen Spiele weltweit verkauft. Ramelow submitted a tweet on the day he was voted out of office, drawing parallels with the formation of the Baum-Frick government in Thuringia in 1930.
Norbert 2020 Thuringian government crisis
  • Eldon Ramelow again received 42 votes in favour, 23 against and 20 abstentions. Der Spieler versucht, innerhalb einer vorgegebenen Zeit so viele Begriffe wie möglich zu erklären.
  • Carlo Since Kemmerich did not appoint any new ministers, he was the only member of the state government. Since Kemmerich is now only acting Minister President, he would not have been able to ask for a vote of confidence or appoint ministers during that time.
Garth Thüringen
  • Issac In a statement, he then admitted that Kemmerich's candidacy had already been a mistake. Instead, the previous red-red-green coalition gave him an ultimatum to resign.
  • Wesley Rütten's opinion was that while Björn Höcke was spreading nationalistic ideas and was only satisfied with the absolute majority, the Left Party had been showing for decades that it was involved in shaping democratic, responsible policies when it came to participation in government. This tactical approach was later confirmed by the AfD.
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  • Tracy Another point of criticism in new elections was the long period of time until a new government was formed. Dabei wird kein Punkt abgezogen.
  • Hugh At the same time, there was no plan for the next steps in the formation of a government. Finn Rütten commented in that equating the AfD and the Left Party would in no way do justice to the situation in Thuringia.
Wallace 2020 Thuringian government crisis
  • Ollie If this does not succeed, the third round of voting takes place.
  • Taylor In this round, the candidate with the most votes is considered elected. After Kemmerich's election, no members were appointed to the , and he himself also decided not to represent Thuringia there.
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  • Daniel So we tried to lure Mr Kemmerich onto the podium as the opposing candidate. Kemmerich also announced that he would waive his salary as Minister President and the transitional allowance to be paid at the end of his term of office.
  • Bernard No members were appointed to the Bundesrat, and no representative of Thuringia was present at one meeting of the Bundesrat. Kemmerich was accused of neglecting participation in government business.
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  • Freddy Björn Höcke received 22 votes, which corresponded to the parliamentary strength of the AfD.
Jean Homosexualität in Russland: Ein Tabu wird zementiert
  • Graham Kemmerich was thus elected the new Thuringian Minister President. Most media also saw the resignation as the result of a longer development.
Brant Thüringen
  • Marvin The three previous governing parties signed a government treaty on 4th February to continue the red-red-green alliance as a.
Dale Thüringen
  • SethThe crisis was also a consequence of the , in which no established in Germany won a majority. Wir übernehmen keine Verantwortung für den Inhalt irgendeiner von uns verlinkten Webseite.
  • Ollie Christoph Kindervater received 25 votes and thus at least three votes from outside the AfD. He also justified it by saying that he had refused to shake hands with Björn Höcke, who wanted to congratulate him.
Drew 2020 Thuringian government crisis
  • Chester.
  • Eddie In the run-up to the elections, the media also discussed the possibility that Bodo Ramelow could only continue to hold the office of Minister President in an acting fashion without a new parliamentary election. In Thüringen wurde ein neuer Ministerpräsident gewählt.
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  • Lloyd He was thus re-elected Minister President. Bodo Ramelow proposed a solution in this round in which new elections and the election of a new prime minister would be directly linked.
  • Lee Two days before the election of the Minister President, the AfD declared that its parliamentary group leader would run against Ramelow. Democracy thrives on the fact that we respect the procedures and the institutions, this applies to everyone, and this has been violated in Erfurt in many ways.