Torschützen champions league 2019. UEFA Champions League Table

Ezra Champions League 2019/2020
  • Rupert City : 5 Tore Mit seinen zwei Vorlagen und fünf Toren ist Sterling an allein sieben Treffern beteiligt.
Alberto Tottenham win Champions League epic as Llorente stuns Manchester City
  • Spencer Allerdings kommt Icardi in 401 Minuten nicht an Mbappé heran, was die Vorlagen angeht. But pointless debates are the best ones anyway, so let's do this.
  • Alvaro Two games which were still not played in the will be played beforehand.
Randal Época 2019 Jogos
  • Rolando Two players have achieved hat-tricks in back-to-back games. Josip Iličić Atalanta : 5 Tore Der Slowene schrieb im Achtelfinal-Rückspiel Geschichte, da er als erster Spieler überhaupt in einem Auswärtsspiel der K.
Salvatore Toptorschützen 2019/20: Lewandowski ganz vorne
  • Dewitt We are not limited only to the above data. The end of the Regular Season always sharpens the debate for end of season awards.
  • Wilbur Two other players have scored hat-tricks in the same season: Messi scored two for Barcelona in two separate seasons, the first on 1 November 2011 and the second on 7 March 2012, repeating the feat with hat-tricks on 13 September 2016 and 19 October 2016, and Gómez scored a hat-trick for Bayern Munich on 2 November 2011 and another four goals on 13 March 2012.
Efrain Torschützen Champions League, Europa 2019/2020
  • Neal Marokko 4 Schweden 4 Frankreich 4 Österreich 4 Kroatien 4 Ägypten 4 Niederlande 4 Brasilien 4 Deutschland 4. Spieler Mannschaft Nationalität Tore 1.
  • Freeman Only Messi 8 March 2012 and 21 October 2014 have scored five.
Aaron Tottenham win Champions League epic as Llorente stuns Manchester City
  • Phil Nine players have scored a hat-trick on their debut in the Champions League: Van Basten ; he is the only player to score four goals on his debut , , , , , , , and. Serge Gnabry Bayern München : 6 Tore Vier Tore gegen Tottenham und zwei weitere im Achtelfinal-Hinspiel bei Chelsea - der frühere Arsenal-Akteur fühlt sich in London besonders wohl.
Corey List of UEFA Champions League hat
  • Charley. We do not limit only to the results.
  • Joaquin The first legs will be played on 17 September, while the second legs on 20 September 2019. He is the only player to score three hat-tricks in a single season and the only player to score two consecutive hat-tricks in the knockout stage.
Mervin UEFA Champions League Table
  • Juan The tournament is to be held in a single venue and will be a single-elimination tournament. Firstly, the eight teams from qualifying round will be split in the four groups, with a maximum of two teams per group.
  • Anderson Now, of course, we don't actually have an official award for Defensive Player of the Year, so debating over who should win an award that doesn't exist is probably a bit like arguing about whether a hotdog is or isn't a sandwich, or if it would be easier to fight one horse-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized horses - completely pointless.
Pamela Champions League 2019/2020 table, results and statistics
  • Owen Below the table, which is also updated in real time. Main article: After each gameday a selection of five players with the highest ratings is made by the Basketball Champions League.
Vernon Toptorschützen 2019/20: Lewandowski ganz vorne
  • Pedro Memphis Depay Lyon : 5 Tore Sein später Ausgleich gegen Leipzig war sein fünfter Treffer in der Gruppenphase, erzielt in insgesamt 394 Minuten.